The appeals court is only deciding whether to uphold a

And other tech firms of agreeing not to hire each other’s employees. Supreme Court stopped the NCAA from limiting the number of televised football games back in the 1980s, although Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in the same ruling that the NCAA could make a case as a legal cartel, words the organization and an appellate court have clung to since.The NCAA settled lawsuits accusing it of arbitrarily limiting pay for assistant coaches and capping student scholarships.It recently lost a ruling that found students were entitled to compensation when their likenesses are used commercially, a case led by former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon. The NCAA has appealed that ruling.On Monday, the National Labor Relations Board blocked football players at Northwestern University from forming their own labor union, overturning a regional labor administrator’s determination that the players were essentially school employees.The NCAA defends its rules as upholding a tradition of amateurism.

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